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Don’t Down Me
By Kazz Falcon

Don’t Down Me
You treated me badly
You cheated me out of life’s happiness
Very sad, indeed
Wasn’t you glad?
I was mad as hell
Stop ringing my bells
I was out from the shell
I'm a sweet loving person
Why can’t you be the same?
Respect came from me
I expected the same in you
The awful mood you put me in
I can’t trust you
You must be a good friend
You busted our friendship for what?
You poured rain on my parade
The pain you caused
What gain was that?
Train your mind to be upward
Lift me on cloud nine
The gift was our friendship
Shift your gear to upward
A great friendship we will have
Come back of being my friend
And show the respect I deserve
Please tame your ugly side
Turn the tide around
I want to be on solid ground
Don’t down me

By Kazz Falcon

What’s an ugly sight!
Somebody’s lights will be knock out
Walking away is the right thing to do
There was no might about it
You was bright to follow that plan
Good night, you ‘all

Everyone Is Shooting
By Kazz Falcon

Everyone Is Shooting
I must live this dream
“Give them the boot.”
The hurt cried for help
I tried to avoid them
They kept on coming back
I wept out loud
I was damn tired of their crap
They wired me to me last nerve
The fire I had was too great
A burning desire I had for a long time
The day had finally arrived
I ended it for once and for all
They can’t called my place home
I talked the talk
They walked the walk
I won’t change my mind
My floors was free of them
The door got new locks
Come again when the good friends was back

Someone From The Past
By Kazz Falcon

Someone From The Past
Our friendship didn’t last
Once again, Peter entered my life
I wished I had a knife
Why dish it out with him again?
He came out of the blue
I became uncomfortable
He might be the same person
The sight of him was so upsetting
His bright ideal didn’t work
His apology was eight months late
My anger showed up after months being locked inside
The incident was blocked away
Till he brought the stolen glasses up
I thought I would never see him again
He sought after me
I don’t want him in my life
That trash belonged in the garbage
I was strong enough to defeat him
I forgot the past
I moved on with my life
Always remember
Anyone can be someone from the past


By Kazz Falcon

Someone did me wrong
I vowed to hurt him
The same way he hurt me
I blamed him for my downfall
Plotting revenge came to me
Nobody does know when I strike
Somebody should talk sense
I won’t listen
I don’t have to
He walked a dangerous line
Revenge was fine by me
My way to cope
Does wanting revenge make me a dope?
Revenge wasn’t the answer
Talking provided answers to my questions
Something good came out of it
The past belonged in the past
I got over it
I set my mind to better things
Not revenge

So Rude Of You
By Kazz Falcon

I excluded you
You was a sore loser
It tore the fun times apart
We played a game
Winning was your name
Your mind was set on winning
That was not kind at all
What's with you?
Winning isn’t everything
I was here to have fun
Don’t rain on my sunny day
Won’t you do that for me?
I was not asking much
Lay off from winning, friend
Everybody loses some times
Nobody likes a sore loser

Talking Bad
By Kazz Falcon

Talking Bad
That’s my ex friend
He said bad things about me
May God strike him down?
His days was numbered
Nobody likes him
Somebody ought to spread rumors
Rumors bringing him pain
The same pain he caused
I blamed him for the nasty deed
It came to me,
“What comes around, goes around.”
My friends found him so troublesome
It sounded right to us
Who can stand the sight of him?
I would rather knock his lights out
Than to be friends with a low life
I stabbed him in the throat
No more talking bad

Bank Robbery
By Kazz Falcon

Bank Robbery
I speeded down the highway
The police was on my tail
I took my secret hidden trail
I failed to notice the bridge was out
The car slammed into a tree
The money flew freely through the windows
I cursed out loud
They spotted me getting the loot
They were ready to shoot
I gave up peacefully
I was in big trouble
I waved the money goodbye
I drove in the back seat
It put me in the slammer for life

Tom's Murder
By Kazz Falcon

Tom's Murder
I was in prison for ten long years
I really thought about my life
I sunk deeper into my thoughts
“What brought it on?” I asked
I sought for answers long and hard
I belonged in prison for the murder
I took a life for granted
I killed a lover
For Tom, thou art love thee
He woke up in a nightmare
I let my anger get the best of me
He cheated me out of my happiness
He was beaten up to a pulp
The bat was so damn bloody
He couldn’t take more beatings
The rest as they say is history
Prison was where I belong
I sung a beautiful song
I was free again
I served my time for Tom's murder

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.