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Tears Fallen
By Kazz Falcon

Tears Fallen
My eyes was troubled
By the sea, I looked up and cursed
HIV gave me a big fright
I stood away from the light
He saw the pain in my eyes from above
Jesus, I seek no more love
It brought me down to my knees
I cried for help and peace
I tried my best to remain calm
My sorrows laid in both palms
Where is my life going?
Somewhere out there
Life is coming to a end soon
Tomorrow may never come
I need more time
My work in this world is not done
My soul was empty of you
I was alone
It’s hard to cope with HIV
You was my last hope
You released everything negative from my spirit
Strength came upon me to be HIV positive
Thanks for the gift of life
I put down the knife
You moved me so deeply
Joyful tears fallen

I Slept
By Kazz Falcon

I slept horrible
I kept a terrible secret
I wept alone till I told somebody
He held me in his arms
I was not bold enough to go at it alone
Would my life fold away soon?
I could live 10 or 25 more years
I shouldn’t listen to my fears
He was such a dear
His comfort warmed my heart
I accepted being HIV positive with his help
I slept peacefully

HIV Positive
By Kazz Falcon

HIV Positive
I can’t be so negative
It won’t bring me down fast
I want my HIV status to last
Take better care of me
Make it my #1 goal
Why dig myself into a hole?
My life was on a roll
Going too fast will take a toll
I sat down on the couch
I really thought about my HIV status
Hit me like a bolt of lightning
It gave me a reason to enjoy life
I can’t sit there and do nothing
I want to do something
My life wasn’t done, not by a long shot
HIV status put me on the spot
Stay active
Do the best I can
I won’t give up for being HIV positive

Shame On Me
By Kazz Falcon

Shame On Me
I blamed others
HIV came upon me
I didn’t ask for that request
I guessed it wouldn’t happen to me
I shouldn’t be so stupid
It couldn’t happened no other way
I kept on doing unsafe sex
I slept with lots of men
I wept like a baby
I accepted being HIV positive
Thoughts about why I did it
I caught me for being so stupid
It taught me a lesson
Why blame others?
Shame on me

The Same Path
By Kazz Falcon

The Same Path
He came upon it
Searching for sex
He doesn’t care about his life
As long as he gets it
It was so wrong of him
Why do meaningless sex?
Sex must be enjoy with someone he care
Trust his loving heart
He lusted after other men
It got him all sorts of problems
In my case, I was HIV positive
Things changed for the better
I waited for Mr. Right
The bait was true love
My past life was HIV negative
I was so sure to be HIV positive
I stopped doing unsafe sex
I dropped my chances of reinfection
He danced for dangerous sex
I hope he wasn’t that stupid
If not, welcome to the same path

The Trap
By Kazz Falcon

The Trap
I wrapped myself in a mess
Thinking about it caused stress
Which isn’t good for my HIV status
The unhappy mood lowered my t cells
I should escape it by going in a shell
It would put me at ease
I could end up in a decease world
Only I don’t pass the problem
I wished I forgot about it
Why dish it out with the problem?
I fished for answers and a solution
It caused me no good
A friend gave me food for thought
“Annoy the person and the problem.
Let it work itself out of it.”
Some stupid things get the best of me
I fell for the trap

HIV Homeless
By Kazz Falcon

HIV Homeless
I lived in Downtown Los Angeles
My life was upside down
I searched for an escape
There was none beyond my reach
Where are the angels?
Here I was
I was struggling with HIV
I need to get out of skid row
I pleaded with the real world
They turned me down
I fell flat on my face
It gave me frowns
I cried from my eyes
I felt like no one believe me
My life melted away into the darkness
The darkness surrounded me
I found something in my bag
“A sound mind?” I asked myself
I had no other choice from the sight of things
I was sad
I was mad at the whole world
I would be glad...
Till it’ll be over soon
It’s too bad
I used the gun on me
Tomorrow will never come
For this HIV homeless

By Kazz Falcon

I opened the door
I walked through it
I saw my life going somewhere
Whether it’s bad or good
I can’t go back
The door locked itself
I entered a land to explore
I don’t like what I see
I stood in awe
I was there once before
It was a land full of sexual people
They wanted more of me
Some I did before
When would it end?
The temptation was there
They whispered in my ears
“Go for it.”
“The new guys heard so many good things about you.”
“Give them a turn.”
“We are here to please you.”
“You won’t regret it.”
I was already living it down
The land increased my chances of reinfection
I really don’t want that
I won’t fall to the prey of lust
A wall shot up around me
Sweet sounds came from God’s angels
I found myself back on the street of life
It was for the better or the worse

The Last Place
By Kazz Falcon

The Last Place
Wherever it may be
Nobody looked there
Somebody searched elsewhere
Many places before that
I traced my tracks
I can’t remember the steps I took
It happened so fast
I want to relive the past
My life depended on my last HIV test
I want to make the most of my life
I lost my lover to AIDS
Now, it was my turn for the results
If only I find the papers
The result was very important to me
Why take the test again?
I want to rest easy tonight in bed
I’ve been a nervous wreck this past week
Today was my appointment
Where in hell is my paper? There it was
In the last place

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.