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I Felt Trapped
By Kazz Falcon

I felt trapped inside a box
Seeing outside was impossible
I can’t get a hold on anything
I grabbed onto nothing
I must be patience
Trust me
How can I?
There was too much to handle
I had little time
I was losing air
This box wasn’t fair
The darkness was my only company
Everything was blocked from me
Something can’t be done
Bones was beside me
This one didn’t make it alive
I was so alone
My hope and my faith were gone
What a dope am I?
I want a rope to hang myself somehow
I felt trapped

The Drive
By Kazz Falcon

The Drive
I was alive at the wheel
Just the five of us enjoying life
I was speeding along San Monica Blvd.
I can’t get too greedy
I shared the weed with my friends
I cared for another hit
I was so daring
I let go of the steering wheel
My mind was on the drugs in the back seat
I ran into a street light by Rage
The car flipped over a couple of times
That was some DEAD trip
We went on a trip to Heaven or Hell
Hello, are we…
Are we home from the drive?

A New World
By Kazz Falcon

A New World
Something I’ve never experience before
Anything can be possible
Was this a deal?
It felt so real
I can barely touch him
I searched for him in the tunnel
The light was too bright
I closed my eyes without a fight
I floated up to the heavens
It scares me
I might be drop
Suddenly, I can’t move
I fell into a deep sleep
Their pinching woke me up
They spoke in a strange language
I assumed I was ET to them
I disappeared from the table
I appeared in a peaceful environment
They were freely naked
They were enjoying life
I realized Adam and Eve are Gods
What worries do they have?
They don’t care for material things
Like we do on earth
I struck upon a new adventurous life
This world captured me
I was free from life’s troubles
A new world

Dead Night
By Kazz Falcon

Dead Night
Darkness was all around
Something made a sound
I made my rounds
It faded into the night
I got my flashlight
The power wasn’t working
I tried to find out why
I cried out loud
A ghost appeared in front of me
I disappeared out of the blue
I reappeared with the ghost somewhere
I could be anywhere
I felt like I was here before
I couldn’t remember where
I had a deep feeling inside of me
I ran outside
Somebody close grabbed me
I recognized the ghost
Dear lord!
It was me all along
My dead soul searched for clues
Why did I kill myself?
I didn’t have the will to live
I let my life go to hell
A knife sets beside me
Did I really kill myself?
I picked up my knife
There was no sign of blood
I stood there
Then I went crazy and wild
I killed myself in the dream
Or was it in reality?

Race Against Time
By Kazz Falcon

Race Against Time
The face of death was among me
The wheels turned fast
I burned closer to the cliff
Till true love find me
Lust hasn’t been kind
I wouldn’t mind a gorgeous man
I was blind for lust
I shared this with the world
I dared to end the lust over the cliff
Who can I show my love to?
I can throw it away
The tires mowed over the glass
It's still growing beyond true love
I was going faster than the wind
I was blasting toward the cliff
I want to go forward to love
The danger lurks before me
The brakes lost their usefulness
I didn’t fake my lust
It was too late to wake up
My date with the race against time

Other Side
By Kazz Falcon

Other Side
I wished I didn’t entered
The dark forces was in the center
They pulled me in with their hands
I couldn’t stop myself
They had a strong hold over me
I ran for cover
They trapped me in the other side
I’ve never experienced this before
I was scared for my life
There was nothing I could do
Something strange happened to me
My jaws dropped like a ton of bricks
Words can’t be spoken
The thoughts in my mind vanished
They got control of my mind somehow
I can’t think straight
In a blink of an eye
I was blinded by the dark power
They saw through my eyes
They heard through my ears
They talked through my mouth
They felt my emotions
I was powerless against them
As I became one of them
I was not the same person I was once before
I belonged to the other side

My Car
By Kazz Falcon

My Car
I put it in drive
I put the peddle to the gas
People watched me zoom
I speeded ahead to parts unknown
With a cigarette in hand
Both letting off smoke
I woke up
It was a dream
It really steamed me off
I headed down to the car dealership
Far beyond my wildest dreams,
I found my fantasy car
It was in sound condition
A bargain I couldn’t pass up
I put my ass in the driver’s seat
With a cigarette in my hand
A sexy girl appeared next to me
I tore down the road
I killed a toad along the way
I let the police ate my dust
I spoke my mind
She was kind enough to kiss me
I wouldn’t miss it for the world
The snakes hissed at me
I ran them over too
Nobody stop me in my car

Reflections In The Rain
By Kazz Falcon

Reflections In The Rain
It can be a pain at night
It’s like no other mirror around
You can’t see so clearly
One wrong turn can cost you your life
Be careful on the streets
Where your driving count
Drive slow and safe
Most of all, your eyes must focus on driving
Not the reflections in the rain

Moon In The Cross
By Kazz Falcon

Moon In The Cross
We moved to a house sooner than we planned
The date I had was canned
The sight was unbelievable from the bedroom's window
The moon in the cross was a light from God
This house was a Godsend
A mouse scared us off to the outside
We drove to the store for some cheese
The mouse wasn’t staying in the house
The cheese soured the mouse’s last night
The mouse dared to be the boss
We stared at the moon in the cross
The death of the mouse was sad
We were protecting our house
Are we mad?
The house was ours
Some mices came out
It must be the mouse’s kids
We felt sorry for them
We made up our minds
We will take care of them
It thrilled them that they can stay with us
All the cheese was a big plus
Say “Cheese!”
The camera took our picture
We made the mouse family’s day
We put the picture in their hole to remember our first night together
What a sight, indeed!

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.