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Devil Is On The Run
By Kazz Falcon

Devil Is On The Run
Unbelievable things happened
The light is powerful
We must focus on Jesus
Trust our lifes through him
He busted his ass for us
Satan couldn’t kept him down
Jesus wept for our sins
He died on the cross
Satan lied in the beginning
The beginning of all sins
Truth prevailed against Satan
God brought light to our world
We sought Jesus to save us
God gave us eternal life through Jesus
Satan’s knife cuts us from Jesus
He plans for our downfall
Act on Satan’s lies
Our lifes will be trouble
We can count on Jesus
He makes our lifes perfect
Take up God’s offer

I Cried Unto The Lord
By Kazz Falcon

I Cried Unto My Lord
Please comfort me in my time of need
I was fed up with the weed
Shelter me with your loving arms
I need your loving charms
Please help me walk this next mile
Will you help me for a short while?
Take your place in my heart, body and soul
I was desperate to feel your love
I want to be moved by your goal
Take me to that celestial place
Of your heavenly grace
Guide me with your light
I’ll follow you there even with fright
Help me believe your mightiness
Guide me to my life’s happiness
Destroy my weed obsession
My life’s little addiction
I cried unto my lord

Oh God, Please Help Me
By Kazz Falcon

I want to be a part of your alliance
I desperately need your guidance
My fate begins to falter
Oh heavenly father
I’ll trust your light if you brighten this star
You can’t be that far
I’ll give Jesus Christ a chance
I am yours for the glance
Whatever the outcome
Jesus is my new home
From earth to heaven and life everlasting
Cease my troubles and double my blessing
Smack me like never before
I’ll love you all that much more
Strike down my worries and fears
With an ocean of bittersweet tears
I was sorry for my mistake
I promised I wouldn’t be a fake
Let tomorrow come
I stay in your heavenly home
You was the only life for me
Stare into my heart
Show me what your love can be
Oh God, please help me

Another Day
By Kazz Falcon

Another Day
I'm living for God
He gave us this day
We didn’t ask for it
There is work to be done for him
We must live by his wisdom
Ignoring him was our downfall
We stumbled by Satan
It causes problems for all
God pick us up in his footprints
Whether we live for him or not
The hurt and anger goes away
Triumph with God in all his glory
We can go on with our lifes
We love God on another day

Jesus Loves Me
By Kazz Falcon

Jesus Loves Me
Yes, he does
It goes something like this
Satan was the number one foe
I must not trust him
A born troublemaker
Jesus Christ came from heaven
He died on the cross for my sins
Satan is the father of all lies
Not just a small amount
The whole world around him belongs to Satan
God was letting him used earth for a while
Till Jesus comes back to us again
I’ll see him in all his glory in person
Heaven is the home I shall be living with my father
He is giving me an eternal life
That’s how much Jesus loves me

The Seed
By Kazz Falcon

The Seed
Growing with God is my deed
I was free from Satan’s clutches
Jesus Christ is my speed
The light feeds through God
I found him so refreshing
I won’t be suck in by the flesh
Jesus is my good luck charm
Satan showed me harm
Where was my alarm?
I was in Jesus Christ’s arms
He blessed me in God’s powers
His love is a tower
I'm one of God’s flowers
I can’t drowned in the showers
His love surrounded me
My heart sounded for him daily
I'm doing God’s deed
I gave people the seed

Stay Clear Away
By Kazz Falcon

Stay Clear Away
Devil, you’re not a dear
I lives for God
I can’t fall for your dirty schemes
Jesus Christ is my strong wall
An angel looks after me
I threw the book at Satan
I grew into a bright Christian
I can’t stand the sight of Satan
Satan is pure evil
It’s the thing I'm so sure
My strength of God is my cure
Satan is still causing trouble
Since the beginning of time
Sinning to be lost with Satan
It will cost my second life
Who really want that?
You’re nothing but a rat
I used a baseball bat
This park of life is reserve for God
I deserved to be with my father
Devil, you’re not a dear
Stay clear away

I Walk In The Light
By Kazz Falcon

I Walk In The Light
I talked about the bright shinning light
I lives for the right person
I gave my heart to Jesus Christ
I strived in this world of peace and love
Together hand in hand, Jesus and me
He touched me like nobody can
Fill me with joy and happiness
I couldn’t be sad forever in darkness
I turned my life around
No evil knife would stab me
I heard sweet sounds of music
I'm safe with him
God and heaven is mine
They both tasted like good wine
I listened to my heart
I walk in the light

Wrong Exit
By Kazz Falcon

Wrong Exit
I entered into the darkness
I can’t turn back
It’s burning away behind me
I must find a way out
The only solution was straight ahead
I looked left and right
The fire was there
Images of souls are everywhere
The flames burned fast
I turned around
The fire came after me ferociously
I heard them screamed
My dear!
I saw it so clearly
Hell reached me
I felt the heat
I was dead meat
It was the wrong exit

By Kazz Falcon

I’m a believer in Jesus Christ
I’m delivered from my sins
I’m beginning a new life
I’m winning a new life
I’m walking in faith
I’m talking in tongues
I’m balking at Satan
I’m living for God’s ways
I’m giving up a sinful life
I’m filled with The Holy Ghost
Love your brothers and sisters
As I love Jesus Christ
God moves me
I drove over the devil
I’m staying with God from earth to heaven
I’m saying my prayers
I’m reading The Holy bible
The anointing one lifts me up
My gift is Jesus Christ
I welcomed the Lord in my life
My home is now his
I cared for everybody
I shared God with them
The light is Jesus Christ
I fought for God
Bright your day with this Christian

Holy Bible
By Kazz Falcon

Holy Bible
It was nothing but the truth
Something I really need
I grew and prospered in Jesus
I lived by God’s word
I gave thanks
I praised my father
My mum raised me as a Christian
A Christian that God can be proud of
I was moved by God’s love
He touched me by reading the scriptures
I learned about God
I know the truth
I lived the truth
The truth was Jesus Christ
He lived in me and I in him
The Holy Bible contains two sections
The old testament and the new testament
John, Chapter 1, Verse 1 is a good place to start
The word became flesh and delivered the news
I know God in the flesh as Jesus Christ
They’re the one and the same
God is Alpha and Omega, the first and the last
Read the Holy Bible

By Kazz Falcon
Dedicated to and inspired by Kevin Nichols

They don’t belong in the darkness
All their glory and beauty shines in the light
Satan was one of God’s angels
He wanted to be like God
More powerful than him
God threw Satan out of heaven
There can only be one God
The father of all things
Darkness covers the whole world
We can see it
We are born into darkness
The angels shine in our lives
Whenever we need help the most
We must watch out for Satan
He plays dirty
He messes up our lifes
Darkness lurks everywhere
God sent his angels to watch over us
They take good care of us
His angels protect us from darkness
When we go to heaven, we’re God’s angels

I Can’t Live Here Anymore
By Kazz Falcon

I can’t live here anymore
Somewhere else is better
I know of a place
A place above the earth with God
My new home is Heaven
Some people are going to Hell
The eternal death is living hell
Satan lives there forever
The only place for him
I traced my heart to Jesus Christ
A home is already made
I wouldn’t trade that home
I have an eternal life with my father
Without Jesus, my home is Hell
I came to Jesus with open arms
He saved me from my sins
Heaven is mine forever
I can’t live here anymore

Dark Knight
By Kazz Falcon

Dark Knight
He strikes at any time
My life was ruined
He stabbed a knife in my back
The light can heal the pain
I want him pay for the hurt
The hurt I don’t need
Somebody is stronger than him
His name is Jesus Christ
He is the savior of his people
I fell for Satan’s ways
My life is in turmoil
Satan is the same old knife
I blamed him for life’s troubles
Jesus came to this world
Jesus made it even for us
I don’t take it for granted
Jesus wasn’t a fake
I felt him in my heart
I defeated the dark knight

In The Beginning
By Kazz Falcon

In The Beginning
Satan is sinning
God cast him out of the heavens
Satan blasted him for being too powerful
Why couldn’t he be an angel of God?
Satan didn’t want to
He claimed he is more powerful than God
He aimed for Adam and Eve
What sweet revenge!
They fell for Satan’s trick
“Eat the fruit from the tree of life.”
They felt naked and hid
God kicked them out of the Garden of Eden
“Seek the tree of life elsewhere.”
Thousands of years later, Jesus came
People rejoiced and/or skeptical
Jesus Christ is the new tree of life
He died on the cross
He rose from the dead three days later
He lives in God and God in him
People are relieved
They are in us
Why be mislead by Satan?
Satan was running scared
There’s nothing he can do
Jesus Christ is there in the beginning

I’m In Love
By Kazz Falcon

I’m in love with someone
This world doesn’t know
He lives in another far away place
Beyond the blue skies with his father
Heaven can only reach him
I felt him in my heart, knocking
He shouldn’t wait any longer
I answered by letting him in my life
He works miracles far beyond my imagination
His father have a magic touch
They reaches out to millions of people
Only his kids see him in the light
The world was blinded by it’s way
The days looked like nights
Darkness all around
He is the saving grace for all
I reached out with my heart
He touched me in this world
The enemy isn’t far behind
He causes doubts to disbelieve God’s love
They will put a stop to that
I’ll be free to love them
He touched me with his love
He shares his father with me
I’m in love

Jesus Christ
By Kazz Falcon

He died on the cross for my sins
He gave me a chance for a second life
Freedom to live again in Heaven
It's an amazing gift to have
My heart was moved by this sacrifice
God put his only begotten son on the cross
He is the cup of life to drink
There was no other around it
The food is there to be eaten by me
It sounds so good to God
Satan couldn’t stop God’s plan
I shouldn’t fall for Satan’s evil ways
I stayed away from him
The father of all lies
I accepted Jesus Christ
I refused to be one of Satan’s children
I won’t see heaven as long as I’m with Satan
Jesus Christ saved me
God cares for me deeply
God loves me as one of his children
He made it possible for me through his son
Jesus Christ is his wonderful gift
God will lift me up to heaven
Thanks to Jesus Christ

Pain Ends In Heaven
By Kazz Falcon

Tears came down my face
I couldn’t stop from crying
I fell hard on the concrete floor
My head bled ferociously
The pain was killing me
I was willing to die
I was too far away from help
The night had fallen all over
I pleaded with Jesus
Help me with the great pain
I can't stand it
The pain was too much
A light came in the woods
It’s too bright to see who is it
I called out for him
“Please end the pain.”
He took me high above
A place I’ve never been to
Dear Lord!
I died and gone to Heaven
I was no longer in pain either
Right in front of me, God sat in the throne
Next to him is Lord Jesus Christ
My eyes gazed back to the throne
God looked at me
I didn’t move an inch
He stared directly into my heart
What an awful book I am!
My goose was cook
“What right do you have to be here?” He asked.
There I stood in front of him
I couldn't think of a word to say
I was that nervous
What could one say to God?
I lived a very sinful life
He knows all, he sees all
No one can pull the wool over his eyes
I must speak carefully to God
I can't afford to mess up my only shot
“The food you gave me on earth saved me from my sins.”
“And what else?”
“No one was around to help me.”
“It was a good ideal to call upon the Lord for help.”
God opened the book of life
I patiencely waited that I answer him correctly
“You’re welcome into Heaven.”
My soul flared up
I became an angel
The cup of life is mine forevermore
Angels blowed heavens trumpet
I was moved to be in the family
My faith proved I belong in Heaven
Anything is possible through God
Something we need to believe
Thankfully, the pain ends in heaven

Planting The Seed
By Kazz Falcon

Planting The Seed
I don’t know my father
I was out of reach
Someone planted the seed to grow inside of me
It touched me like no other seed
I received a personal relationship with God
God doesn’t deceived his children
He moved me to a better world
A world of peace and happiness
There’s no trouble going to attack me
Jesus Christ casts them away
I would never deal with them
Unless I become involve
I can’t let it control me
Happiness is in my life
God is the only one to perfect my world
The perfect world it is
I conquer anything that Satan throw at me
The seed within me grow into the Lord
God made this place to plant the seed
It’s my life purpose to get people involved
They need to know God is the father
He’s more powerful than Satan
John 3.16
For God so loved the world
That he gave his one and only son,
That whosoever believes in him
Shall not perish but have eternal life.
I planted the seed and let them taste it
God will do the rest

This World
By Kazz Falcon

This world’s no longer God’s
Satan deceived Adam and Eve
He used the tree of knowledge of good and evil
They ate the fruit
They realized they were naked
Satan gained the control of this world
It prompted us to be born sinners
God’s plans went haywire
He has a backup plan
John 1:1-2
“In the beginning was the world,
And the word was with God,
And the word was God.
He was with God in the beginning.”
We don’t belong in this world
We belong to God through his son, Jesus Christ
We are born into the darkness
Jesus is the light of this world
He delivered us from our sins to live with our father in Heaven
Heaven is our second life
Our eternal gift from God
Born again unto the Lord Jesus Christ
We inherited the kingdom of God
This world can’t compare to Heaven or it’s riches
No more pain or suffering
Just tearless times
The second coming of Jesus Christ
God regains this world
Satan and his angels perishes in the lake of fire
Which is the second death
God makes everything new again
We’re born again to eternal life
We became his children
He became our father in Heaven
In darkness, no one wants to live in this world

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.