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Promise Rings
By Kazz Falcon

I truly love my girlfriend so much
I will do anything for her
She was that special
I decided to give her something fabulous
I invited our parents over for dinner
No one suspected a thing
I sprung it in a desert
Everyone thought I was proposing her
Hmm, in a way, I was
We want to finish collage first
I put the ring on her finger
I pledged my love and my faith in our love
I mentioned that we could withhold sex
We weren’t ready for sex
We don’t believe in premarital sex
I gave her the other promise ring
This one, she put it on my finger
We were committed to each other in our love
We vowed we would never take them off
Our parents were happy to hear that
Our love was as pure as the promise rings

Cold Feet
By Kazz Falcon

Few months ago, I proposed marriage to my girlfriend
She gladly accepted the ring
We were both on cloud nine
Things were fabulous between us
All our friends were happy for us
The wedding day was getting closer
I was getting nervous
I pondered about something
Was I doing the right thing?
I know I love her with all my heart
I was having second thoughts
I hoped it wasn’t a big mistake
It couldn’t be
Our love wasn’t fake
We weren’t rushing into things
She wasn’t pregnant
Thank God
Maybe, I wasn’t ready for the big change
I can’t be afraid of the commitment
Perhaps, it was my freedom
Our lives wouldn’t be the same
I hoped I get over the cold feet

Low Self Esteem
By Kazz Falcon

I had low self-esteem
I don’t believe in myself
I wasn’t doing well in school
Some students made fun of me
They called me stupid
Hey, I was doing the best I could
My best wasn’t that good
I turned to drugs
It made me to feel go good inside
I was comfortable with myself
I didn’t want to let go of the feeling
It was an awesome high
I had sex with older men too
Life couldn’t be any better for me
The mean students can’t put me down
They won’t make me cry
The drugs was my escape from the abuse
I won’t pay any attention to those fools
I wasn’t the same person any more
I regained confidence in myself
I really need the drugs
I won’t have low self-esteem

Feelings Of Guilt
By Kazz Falcon

My wife had Alzheimer’s disease
She didn’t recognized me at all    
Even our kids were strangers
I visited her about every day
Each passing day, my hope demised
I couldn’t cope with it
My kids noticed I was depressed
I took a break from my wife
I reduced my visits
I found companionship in a neighbor
She was what I needed
My kids approved my new relationship
I was happy in a long time
Yet, I felt so guilty for cheating on my wife
I wanted to break it off with the new love
Then again, I don’t want to
My wife will never ever get better
Her deficits was more obvious
She had delusions
She had hallucinations
She forgets events in her life history
She had a decrease in knowledge of recent events
I can’t go on with an absentee wife
I will always love her
I had to move on with my life
I wished I didn’t had the feelings of guilt

Where Thou Art, Father?
By Kazz Falcon

I can’t stand my father
I really hate him
He disappointed me in many ways
I had so much anger
He doesn’t want anything to do with me
He wasn’t there for me
He don’t show up for my activities
He don’t do fun things with me
He claimed he was busy with work
He always let me down
Even mom noticed it
She saw the sadness in my eyes
She comforts me every time
She was a much better parent than him
He broke my 8-year-old heart a thousand of times
I can’t depend on him for anything
He completely changed over the years
He loved his job more than us
He doesn’t give a damn how we feel
His promises were worthless
I can’t put up with his lies any more
I wished he would leave us
We were better off without him
He hurt my feelings
I cried when he doesn’t show up
Did I do something wrong?
I wasn’t any trouble
I was a very nice kid
I get good grades
I do my chores
I behaved every day
I wasn’t that important
I resented him very much
I don’t have a real father
He wasn’t a father
He was just a complete stranger
Where Thou Art, Father?

Running Days
By Kazz Falcon

My husband acts like he is still single
He always stays out late
He woke up at the normal time
He goes straight to work
I won’t see him till bedtime
We hardly talk about anything
A baby was on the way
He doesn’t seem to care
I know he was faithful
He forgotten about the baby and me
I can’t go on like this
It wasn’t doing the pregnancy any good
We lived with his mother
I don’t get along with her
The mother believed I was angry for no reason at all
She mentioned he was still young; let him run
I disagreed with that statement
He can’t continue on that way
We supposed to come first in his life
We must be his top priority
He was on the verge of losing us
I was sick and tired of his running days

My Kids
By Kazz Falcon

I loved my kids to death
I didn’t want anything bad happen to them
I will always watch over them
I was a good mother
For some reason, I can’t sleep at night
I don’t pace the floors all night long
I was worry when they don’t sleep at home
I was afraid that something bad would happen
I want them home all the time
They were safe in their bed and under their own roof
They mean everything to me
Anything could happen to them
Someone could kidnap them
Someone could give them a drug
Someone could give them alcohol
Someone could beat them up
Someone could do anything bad
I can’t fathom those terrible thoughts
Why couldn’t they stay home?
We lived in a nice neighborhood
We have a big back yard
We have a dog they can play with
We have video games
We have DVDs
We have the Internet
We have lots of love at home
I was tempted to ground them
Then they won’t go anywhere
I know I can’t hold them hostage in their home
I wished nothing bad happen to them
I don’t want to lose my kids

Buried Bible
By Kazz Falcon

I was nine year old in 1979
I loved reading my Holy Bible
It was my favourite book in the world
I can’t live without the bible
It teaches me about love, sin and God
It made me a better person
One day, I accidentally ripped a page
I can’t believe it
I ruined the good book
I felt so terrible
I cried
I had a bright ideal
I dug a hole in the back yard with a spoon
I buried the bible
I thought the guilt would go away
Boy, I was wrong
Even that misdeed, I felt more guilty
I let God down again
I didn’t know any better
I couldn’t control my crying
I feared I would go to hell
My father noticed there was something wrong
I explained the situation
I didn’t mean any harm to the bible
He mentioned I did the right thing
We were Catholics
I was such relieved
The guilt was vanished
My dad brought me a brand new bible
Tears come down my cheek
I was happy once again
I had my very own bible to read again
I shouldn’t felt bad about the buried bible

Irresponsible Parent
By Kazz Falcon

My husband drank too much at the restaurant
I didn’t want him to drive
We got in the car
We were on our way home
The young son fell asleep in the back seat
I tried my best to drive
It was pouring down rain
I couldn’t see straight
Sadly, I was all over the road
I accidentally jumped the curb
I ran into a tree
I was shocked
Our son was in lots of pain
I reached out for him
He couldn’t move
I wasn’t able to get to him
I forgot the husband was in the car
No, he wasn’t
He flew through the window
He didn’t had his seatbelt on
I cried for help
I checked his pulse
I killed my husband
Dear Lord! What have I done?
I heard the ambulance coming
The police showed up moments later
I told the police the truth
I was driving drunk in the rain
I thought I was able to drive
Look at the mess I made
My husband was dead
My son was cripple
I felt so ashamed of myself
I had to live with the guilt for the rest of my life
I was the blame
I should have know better
The alcohol clouded my judgment
I was an irresponsible parent

Open Window
By Kazz Falcon

I love sleeping at night with an open window
The cold wind breezes through the house
It felt so comfortable
I always sleep like a baby
One night, I was sound asleep in bed
Someone entered the room
He got in bed with me
He put his hand on my leg
Finally, my husband was home from work
It was dark in the room
I could barely see his face
We begun kissing passionate
I noticed he was a little rough
I mentioned he was hurting me
He didn’t care at all
He wanted me right then and there
I couldn’t stop him
He was too strong for me
I was helpless
I screamed out loud
“Stop it! Stop it! Someone help me,” I yelled
My dear old husband wanted to rape me
He covered up my mouth
I was scared for my life
Out of the blue, someone broke down the door
They got into a fight
He escaped through the window
He turned on the light
I was dumbstruck
Dear Lord! My husband saved me from danger
I had no ideal it was someone else
I was safe once again
He looked around the bedroom
The window screen was missing
Crime invited itself through the open window

Teenager Sex
By Kazz Falcon

I like this one guy
We were both in the 10th grade
I knew him since middle school
We became a couple
We go to the movies, roller skating and etc
Lately, he was interest in sex with me
The other teens was doing it
Why not us?
We truly love each other
We was faithful to each other
There was no reason to put it off
Come again?
I didn’t want to end up pregnant
Of course, there were STDs too
He mentioned he had some condoms
He stole them from his big brother
He figured nothing bad will happen
The condom was protection
I wasn’t sure about it
Yes, I loved him a lot
I don’t want to put my life on the line
I wanted to remain virgin
He claimed I don’t love him
He believed I was dragging him along
I wouldn’t do such a thing
He got mad at me
He threatened to broke up with me
I was shocked to hear that
I cried my eyes
I didn’t want to lose him
He was special to me
He comforted me and held me
We ended up having teenager sex

Guilty Sex
By Kazz Falcon

We finished having teenager sex
Suddenly, he had other things to do
He promised he would see me later
He kissed me on the cheek
He left me alone in the bed
Damn, why did we have sex?
I was vulnerable to him
He didn’t want any part of me
I felt like a trashy whore
I should have tell him to leave
He pressured me into having sex
He knew I didn’t want to
The sex wasn’t right
I was mad at myself
I let my guard down
He made me miserable inside
He wanted to broke up with me
Yet, I couldn’t lose him
He was the one for me
I knew it in my heart
I betrayed myself
It was a shame we didn’t wait until marriage
After all, it was guilty sex

Statuary Rape
By Kazz Falcon

I had sex with my young girlfriend
I was older than her
I was 27 year old; she was 17
I got to admit
I didn’t ask her parents permission
She was ready to give her to me
It was a special moment for us
I won’t ran out on her
I truly love her
She declared that her parents wouldn’t mind
I trusted her
I believed in her word
We became one in my bed
She went home after the lovemaking
Her mother noticed the glow in her face
She was quite please with the daughter
It was the perfect time for us
Her father found out about us
He overheard them talking
He was pretty furious
He claimed I rape their little girl
I don’t believe that for a minute
The sex was out of love
He lost his innocence daughter
He vowed I would pay for hurting his daughter
He pressed charges against me
The mother was against that
She doesn’t believe the daughter was rape
He forbid me to see her ever again
He thought I ruined her life
I was in jail for statuary rape

Underage Sex
By Kazz Falcon

I wasn’t a free man
My life was ruined
People see me different
They viewed me as a sexual predator
It’s the farthest from the truth
I dated her for a few months
We fell in love
I finally met her single father
He was suspicious of me
He wondered why I was seeing a 17 year old
I was floored by that comment
She wasn’t upfront with her age
I truly believed she was 20
She thought it didn’t matter
Age was a number
Love is love no matter what love is
He hated that I was seeing his daughter
He claimed I should be seeing someone my age
We didn’t have a problem with our love
She was fond of me as much I was of her
I put his mind at ease
I will never hurt her
I promised him I will wait till she turn 18
She graduated from high school
She wanted to end her special day
She convinced me she was ready
I didn’t refused her
I didn’t check with the father first
We had sex any way
I thought she was telling the truth
Her father gave her the okay
I was in jail for underage sex

Unhappy Home
By Kazz Falcon

I wasn’t happy living at home
My parents fought all the time
They blamed each other for everything
Neither of them shows me any attention
I was sad inside
I was a good kid
I wasn’t getting good grades
I thought it was my fault
I did something wrong
They claimed I was the root of the problem
I tend to believe that
If I was never born, they will be happier
I don’t know why I deserve the abuse
All kids wanted to be love by a parent
I was in a hateful environment
They never ever wanted me at all
I was a mistake they foolish made
I was paying for their mistake
Why me?
I was innocence
I didn’t have a choice to come into this world
I just happened
Presto, I was born 9 months later
They felt like they were forced into marriage
I was the blame for the fighting
That was my unhappy home

Wednesday’s Child
By Kazz Falcon
Dedicated to Victoria Rowell

I lost my parents in a car accident in 2001
I didn’t know any other relatives
The state put me in an orphanage
I missed my parents very much
I had the greatest parents ever
Life was fabulous with them
Now, my future looked bleak
I didn’t had any friends
I was lonely and sad
I cried to sleep
I want to be in a foster home
I want another father and mother
I missed that in my life
I was angry with God
He took my parents away
How could he do such of thing?
I thought he was a loving God
My life was turned upside down
I woke up every morning
I hoped someone would come to take me away
Each passing day, I was losing faith
No parents seems to want me
No one wants a 16 year old
They want babies or kids
A teen was nothing but trouble
I became a troublesome teen
I had no hope whatsoever
I don’t care about my life or the future
Who cares about this Wednesday’s child?

Bored Housewife
By Kazz Falcon

I loved my hubby and kids a lot
Being an housewife wasn’t fulfilling
I was tired of doing house chores all the time
I need something spicy to do
I ran into an old friend
It was fabulous to see her again
She makes good money at night
It was intriguing
She took me to her job
I was impressed
She dragged me on the stage
We danced together for the audience
The men gave us tips
I felt so good
Something awakens inside
I haven’t had the feeling in a long time
The men glamour for more
This was something I will like to do
I like this rush
I mentioned that this was more fun than housework
She offered me a job on the weekends
I won’t tell my husband
He won’t understand
I can see it now
He believed it would be bad for the kids
He claimed I wouldn’t have time either
Nah, it won’t happen that way
I won’t let it
My family comes first
The job was second
I can do both
I don’t want to be a bored housewife

My Father And Me
By Kazz Falcon

We weren’t that close at all
I like musicals, drama and showbiz
I will love to be on Broadway some day
My father was just the opposite
He favors my young brother a lot
They both like sports, video games and etc.
It hurts that my father doesn’t pay attention to me
I wasn’t your average teenager
I just don’t like sports and nature
It wasn’t my cup of tea
My father was disappointed in me
It just breaks my heart
I was being myself
I have to be myself
I can’t change into something he wants me to be
I just can’t
I want to be happy
I had more things in common with my mother
I love to cook, clean, gardening and watch the soaps
I adored her very much
I can’t get acceptance from him
He needs supports me too
Yet, he doesn’t
It wasn’t fair to me
I was kinda jealous of my brother
He had the love and support of both parents
I always fight with him about something
I don’t get along with my father
I bet he sees me as a girlie man
That was my father and me

Section 8
By Kazz Falcon

Section 8 saved my life
I was grateful to have it
I wouldn’t know what I do without it
Then again, I know
I will probably be homeless again
I was homeless for six months
Section 8 came at the right time
My time ran out at the shelter
I had no place to go
I heard from housing on 9/11/02
They gave me the good news
I can move in
All right!
I had my own apartment again
It was such a relieved
Thank God, I won’t homeless
The streets was that rough
I couldn’t sleep at night
The street wasn’t that safe
It was dangerous
I got to defend myself
I was mugged for my wallet
I ended up in the hospital for a week
Then, it was the damn street again
I worked so hard to get where I was
I won’t mess up again
I learned my lesson the hard way
The street was no place to live
It was a new beginning for me
I won’t lose Section 8

Peer Pressure
By Kazz Falcon

I was unpopular at high school
I didn’t fit in
I got to be cool somehow
I will be a part of a real group
Hey! That was a pretty good plan
I know how to join them
It will blow some kids way
I took up smoking
Other kids was doing it
At least, I wasn’t having sex
Smoking was the next best thing
Some friends was shock
They wondered why
I mentioned it was cool
They can’t be friends with a smoker
I became friends with a new group
James Dean and Leonardo DiCaprio smokes
I was in a pretty good group
A teacher caught me smoking in the boy’s room
She didn’t stand for it
The principal suspended me for a week
My father rushed from work
He was pretty upset with me
He grounded me for two weeks
He lectured how bad smoking was
He mentioned I could get lung cancer
I could develop emphysema
Smoking kills people
He demanded me to stop
I refused
It was my life, not his
I didn’t care
He wanted to know why
Tears started to flow
I admitted I wanted to be cool
I felt like I finally belonged to a real group
He knew what was happening
It was really about peer pressure

Prison Life
By Kazz Falcon

I hate prison life
I wished I never went
It is dangerous as much as the outside world
They were all kinds of criminals
Murderers, predators, gangs and etc was all there
Some of them even made me sick
It was a battleground for us
I have to watch out for my back all the time
Someone was always gunning for someone
You wouldn’t believe the things I saw
Rape, drugs, crooked cops, violent and more
Even murder was there
They want blood against their enemies
Prison was a scary place indeed
I won’t even “betray” them
I wouldn’t think about betraying them either
I don’t want to lose my life
I don’t have that much freedom
I do chores and play basketball
I wrote poetry to pass up the time
There was nothing much to do
It was very boring
Time was very slow
Prison life was hard
The food wasn’t all that great
The bed was uncomfortable
It was such a shame I lost my freedom
I can’t stand prison
Yet, I belonged there
After all, I killed someone
My wife had an affair with my boss
My jealousy and anger was out of control
I shot the boss in the head
He didn’t make it to the hospital
I had no contact with the outside world
I hardly get any mail from anyone
My wife wanted no part of me
Even I don’t see the kids
They don’t visit me in prison
I was serving a life sentence
I was someone’s bitch
It was my only way to survive the prison life

Prey On Fear
By Kazz Falcon

I lived in a prison
I was scared to death
One wrong move, I could end up dead
I couldn’t sleep at night
My roomie was a hardcore criminal
My crime was lessen than his
I did insider trading
He murdered a police officer and his partner
Dear Lord! What have I gotten myself into?
This wasn’t the life I wanted
I was dumb enough to make fast money
I feared for my life
I tried to put up a strong front
He saw right through me
I was forced into his dirty work around the prison
I had no choice to follow the orders
I couldn’t stop
He threatened to kill me if I betray him
He can make my life living hell
My life was in danger
He prey on fear

Cop Killer
By Kazz Falcon

Yeah, that’s what I did
I killed a cop
The police tried to take me in
I was hell bent against going to jail
I wasn’t a smooth criminal like Michael Jackson
I went on a crime spree for a few months
I robbed anyone for their wallets
I robbed the banks too
The police finally caught up with me
The 7/11 worker was suspicious of me
He recognized me from America’s Most Wanted
Behind my back, he pushed the red button
I pulled out a gun
I demanded money from him
He gave me the money
I was anxious to get away
I tried to run before I get caught
The police arrived at the scene of the crime
I was trapped
I ran back inside of 7/11
I noticed the worker wasn’t around
Damn him!
He can’t be my hostage
I wished I killed him when I had a chance
It went on for a few hours
There wasn’t a way to escape
I had to shoot my way out of the mess
The police entered through the back door
I saw them in the mirror
Without thinking, I killed them both
The bullets went through the door
The police rushed in and shot me
I ended up in the hospital
I was sent to jail soon after
I was a bank robber and a cop killer

By Kazz Falcon

Please somebody help me
I got into something bad
I don’t know if I can get out of the mess
I didn’t had any money for rent
I asked someone for some money
He was nice enough to loan it
I couldn’t afford to pay him back
He mentioned there were other ways
A week later, a small package showed up
I knew I didn’t order anything from the web
I was curious about it
I called up my new friend
He commented I shouldn’t open it
It wasn’t mine – the package belongs to him
He brought someone over with him
I wondered why
They exchanged some money
He gave him the package
It dawned on me
My new friend was a drug dealer
The person left with the package
I confronted him about it
He claimed I ole him back
He threatened that I can’t do anything at all or else
Selling drugs was his business
My home became a drug house
I don’t know what to do
My life was turned upside down
I really need some help

Safe Place
By Kazz Falcon

I had some much trouble in my life
Things weren’t going my way
My job sucks
I lived in a bad neighborhood
The car doesn’t run well
I had no one to love
I can’t cope with my life
I needed to get away
So far, I haven’t turn to drugs or alcohol
Instead, I found a safe place
The problems were lifted up from my shoulders
Everything was peaceful
The birds was singing
The sky was so blue
The weather was perfect
I was a happy camper
I didn’t have any troubles
I could live here forever
I dreaded to go back home
I won’t leave the safe place

Lost Love
By Kazz Falcon

My boyfriend was killed in car accident
I missed him dearly
I missed him every day
I can’t go on without him
He was my life
He was my soul mate
I truly believed we would be together for a long time
It has been a few months
To this day, I still love him
Recently, I met someone new
He was perfect in every way
He reminds me of my dead lover
We went to Hilton Hotel
It was time to move on with the new love
I wanted to show him my love
For some reason, I couldn’t do it in bed
I thought I was ready
It wasn’t fair to either of us
I still love my dead boyfriend
I can’t let go of the lost love

Father’s Rage
By Kazz Falcon

I lost my only son
He was in line of gunfire between gang members
The bullet hit his heart
He was killed instantly
I was full of rage
How could they end an innocence kid’s life?
I have never felt so much anger in my life
I vowed to get rid of the trash
The hatred consumed my being
There was no way around the hatred
I will hunt them down like dogs
With God as my witness, they better watch out
I won’t play around with them
They made a huge mistake
I couldn’t wait to get my revenge
The police won’t stop me
I will move heaven and earth
I will avenge my dead son’s death
They won’t get away
They had blood on their hands
I will destroy them with my bare hands
Nobody crosses me and get away with it
I won’t be satisfied till I kill them
May God help their poor souls

Wrong Turn
By Kazz Falcon

I ended up somewhere lost
I kept on driving down the same road
Man, it didn’t look any good
There were no exits on this road
Or I haven’t come upon a cross street
The farther I went, the most lost I got
I decided to backtrack
I couldn’t turn around
It was impossible
I was going faster and faster
I saw images of my life
Memories I forgotten about
Pictures of old friends and family flew everywhere
I got to wondered
What does this mean?
I couldn’t stop the car
The brakes won’t work
I hit a bump in the road
I lost control of the car
I flew through the front window
I saw a light at the end of the tunnel
Somehow, I was in a hospital
I can’t remember how I got there
I saw old faces
Friends and family I forgotten about
I was so happy to see them again
I haven’t seen any of them in years
It came back to me
It was some drug trip
I took a wrong turn

HIV Bareback
By Kazz Falcon

I posted an ad on Craig’s list
I didn’t hide my HIV status
I put it in the subject line
Few guys sent me an email
They wanted to hook up
I checked the ads again
I noticed someone responses to my ad
I clicked on the ad
Boy, I couldn’t believe it
That Negro personally attacked me
He mentioned I was ashamed of myself
For what?
I had no reason to be ashamed
I was proud to be HIV +
He doesn’t know anything about me
We have NEVER ever met
He was one stupid black person
He had no right to attack me
I did nothing wrong
I was being honest with my HIV status
He accused me of keeping AIDS alive
Say what?
I will leave you with this thought
People are having bareback sex whether we are negative or not
That was the reality of things
Why are they complaining about HIV/AIDS?

Homosexuality & The Bible
By Kazz Falcon

I struggled with my homosexuality all my life
I grew up as a Baptist
The Baptist people believes it is a sin
I wondered what I did so wrong
It’s natural for me to be gay
It’s who I am as a person
Did God really make me a homosexual?
Was I fooling myself?
I felt so guilty for being gay
I tried to force the feelings inside
Yet, I wasn’t happy
I wanted to be happy
Gay happy, that is
I can’t go on with life
It’s a constant struggle with the beliefs
On one hand, I am a true Christian
Yet, on the other hand, I am a sinner
How can it be?
I can’t be both – a Christian and a sinner
It doesn’t work that way
Why can I be a GAY Christian instead?

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.