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A Paycheck
By Kazz Falcon

A paycheck was my way to earn money for a living
I forsaken my boring job
I ended up living on the street
It sent me looking for another job
I won’t waste time on the street
I kept on looking till I find something
I wept when someone offered me a job
I was going to survive in this world
I grew into a responsible person
I glow bright as the North Star
The right amount put me on the right track
I got a life I always wanted
I gained a loving wife and three wonderful kids
I praised God for giving me everything
I lived in my dream house in Dallas
I steamed ahead to a better future
A future where nothing could destroy my happiness
Something got to give for God
I donated lots of money to charity
Nothing can rain on my parade, plain as simple

True Love
By Kazz Falcon

True Love
Nothing will come in between the two of us
We was really in love
I was so sure it cured me of the blues I had
It must be true love
I trusted everything will fall into it’s place
Something I will never regret
The everlasting love never dies
It kept us in a strong bond
Even the wolf in sheep’s clothing can’t tear us apart
I saw it so clearly
True love had never hit me so hard before
You gave me love to cherish with all my heart
I saved myself for u, the love of my life
Other men tempted me
Sure, another man may catch my eye
I would have been a prey
I couldn’t let myself through that
God set me on a trail for true love
I get wet all inside
I was mushy for someone to live
I was so fond of you
I gave you all my love
I lived with Mr. Right
We had a bright future to live for
Nothing will come in between the two of us
True love

Safety Net
By Kazz Falcon

Safety Net
I set him in his place
His drinking met up with him again
Alcohol was his pet
I let him have it
I won’t choose between his drinking and him
It was no contest and a waste of time
My negative energy rest in peace
I was positive that his drinking wasn’t my problem
He felt safe drinking around me
I found it to be an excuse
He would continues to abuse his body
I should have done it the first time
It could save me from reliving the past
The past caught up in the present
It taught me a valuable lesion
I destroyed the safety net

Broken Friendship
By Kazz Falcon

Broken Friendship
I went on a growing apart trip
I might not get off the ship
I ruined a good friendship
I gave him lip
I talked behind his back
He walked away from me for good
He balked at me how I treated him badly
A good friend, I cheated myself
Here was some food for thought
Friends are there through thick and thin
That golden rule I abused
I misused him for granted
He threw me out of his life
We grew apart, thanks to me
He may never be my friend again
Broken friendship

Invisible Love
By Kazz Falcon

Invisible love
I was infatuated for someone
I called him on the phone
He wanted none of my love
I was so alone without him
He hated being a clone
I saw him in a different light
He was too good looking to be straight
Why can’t I have him?
It drove me crazy
A white dove flew to me
I grabbed the note from the beak
I can be a geek sometimes
Love wasn’t there to begin with
It can’t be any different
I was gay and he was straight
Why chase after invisible love?

Welcome Back, Steve
By Kazz Falcon

Welcome  back, Steve
I gained an abusive boyfriend
My friend warned me about him
I didn’t listen to him
“That kind of relationship wasn’t love.”
I was madly in love
Sadly enough, my friend walked out of my life
My lover kept on hitting me
I wept that I did something wrong
I slept horrible
I still wanted his love
He filled our love into a sick love
He didn’t stop hitting me
I dropped him like a bad habit
I hopped on the bus to Dallas
I regained his friendship
Welcome Back, Steve

Why, Dear?
By Kazz Falcon

Why, dear?
Love doesn’t suppose to be like that
I gave you all my life
I was a good husband
I thought I could trust you
I brought anything you wanted
I sought your affair from afar
I wasn’t that blind
Your eyes didn’t connect to mine
The affair wasn’t that fine
I wondered how long it went on
Then again, I didn’t care
So badly, I wanted to swear
I cursed you with all the lust you have
You deserved all the pain and suffering you gave me
I served you with divorce papers
I want you to be out of my life
You’re no longer my wife
You wanted to be someone’s whore
On our marriage, you closed the door
Why, dear?

Lonely Wife
By Kazz Falcon

I had the wandered eyes
You didn’t have time for me
You was too busy for work
You worked long hours
I felt lonely and frustrated
Some nights, you didn’t eat your meal
You claimed you wasn’t that hungry
You went straight to bed after work
What do you expect me to do?
I wasn’t getting enough loving
I still love you thou
I love you even more now
You go away on long business trips
I want to kiss you on the lips
You turned away from me
It burned me that work gets in the way
Our love took a nosedive
The other men made me so alive
Another lonely moment, I couldn’t survive

The Other Man
By Kazz Falcon

I met this attraction lonely lady
She was frustrated with her hubby’s love
He spent many hours at work
He hardly notice her ant more
She felt like their love was dying
He couldn’t respond to her attraction and love
She was desperate to be in my arms
She loves my smile and charm
I reminded her of his younger self
At first, she fought the attraction
She thought long and hard about it
She sought to have this little affair
It taught her that she couldn’t resist me
The attraction was so strong
She didn’t feel guilty about cheating
Her passion for her husband vanished
I replaced him in her heart
She was happier and more alive
I was a fresh of breath air
She could love the other man

Unhappy Home
By Kazz Falcon

I hated living here
I can’t wait to move back to Hollywood, dear
I don’t want to live in Texas for a year
With my feelings, I was being sincere
There wasn’t anything for me, much less a career
The apartment was a one-year lease
Moving to Hollywood was my peace
I tried to talk with the mother
She wouldn’t listen, oh brother
I lived in the middle of nowhere
I couldn’t go somewhere
I want to go anywhere
How could I?
I was far from everything
I couldn’t do something
I want to do anything
The bus lines was many miles from my place
I was stuck at home, doing nothing
It was freaking boring
I couldn’t stand it
I wouldn’t be happy
I shouldn’t live in an unhappy home

Short Visit
By Kazz Falcon

I went to Dallas
I thought my friend could help
Boy, I was wrong
She mentioned that living in Texas is where I belonged
What the heck!
My sadness was up to my neck
Life was a total wreck
I claimed I wasn’t happy
She proclaimed it was a part of God’s plans
I explained my happiness comes first
She mentioned I must do his plan
I came to a realization
She won’t help me at all
I wasted valuable time
She figured she could sweet talk of me staying
It wasn’t a part of my plan
She offered to pick me up for church every Sunday
I didn’t fell for her deal
After church, she took me straight home
We said “goodbyes” and “see me this Sunday.”
Hell, no - she was a big let down
My mind was made up - I was going back to Hollywood.

Frying Pan
By Kazz Falcon

I didn’t have a sure fire plan
I truly felt the heat
I lay there like a piece of meat
They turned me over
I burned to a crisp
I couldn’t be all that bright
I shouldn’t put up a fight
I wouldn’t wait for the white knight
It was too late to save me from the fire
The flames became higher each time
I tried to escape
I kept on getting burn
I wept that life was going up in smoke
It got extremely hot
The sun gave it the best shot
It boils down to this conclusion
Living on earth is a frying pan

Counting The Days
By Kazz Falcon

I had a week left to find a place
I couldn’t look at my face
All I saw was a grim future
This time, things were different
I faced really living on the street
They won’t extend my stay at the shelter
I won’t go to another shelter either
I don’t like being homeless again
I had the same feelings six months ago
It crushed my being
Someone stomped on my soul
My mind was ready to take a hike with Anne Heche
It could be my only way out of the situation
It should bring structure in my life
It would brighten up my future
I looked everywhere for a place
I couldn’t afford the apartments
I could do so much with SSI
What would I do?
Crying won’t do any good
I tried that; I ended up being homeless
In the process, I was losing my mind and soul


The Zone
By Kazz Falcon

I wasn’t alone
I was getting stoned
I loved this place
I saw many beautiful faces
I want to get them in the sack
Condoms or bareback
I didn’t care
If I get it, I wasn’t scare
I want the same thing no matter what the cost
In the naked sea, I wasn’t lost
I could last all night
I was as high as a kite
The men was a deliciously sight
It felt so right
They shared their drugs
I got much more than hugs
The drugs clouded my mind
My good sense was left behind
Sex & drugs was my guide
I didn’t want to hide in the zone

By Kazz Falcon

I stumbled out of the gate
Life wasn’t that great
I fell flat on my face
I wasn’t going to win the race
I need to act fast
I don’t want to be last
Life is a bitch
I wished I was a witch
I would cast a spell
Life wouldn’t be hell
I lived in the hood
It wasn’t that good
I run down the block
Time just stood there with the clock
I found a dime
Money was time
Both add up
I put it in the money cup

Life Sucks
By Kazz Falcon

I hadn’t any such luck
I felt like I was run over by a truck
I couldn’t move any further; I was stuck
I was down for the count
The hell I went though, I deserved a discount
Instead, $500,000 was a pretty good amount
I hate being poor
Life is unsure
Please send me on a detour
I want to escape the hell
I wasn’t that well
My life smells
I shouted out loud
I wasn’t that proud
So badly, I want to be on cloud nine
Let me see a sign
Then everything would be fine
All the happiness in the world could be mine
I was tempted to do a line of coke
Why not? I was already flat broke
I didn’t get this cruelly joke
Life sucks

By Kazz Falcon

I let it known through my powerful voice
I refused to be a part of his scheme
Robbing a bank was my friend’s dream
He thought we was a team
Hmm, not for the extreme!
He abused out friendship once too often
We robbed stores/people as young kids
I outgrown the childish games - Bonnie & Clyde
He accused me of being a hypocrite
Excuse me?
I didn’t want to do anything with it
He threw a big hissy fit
I got to admit
For himself, he wanted all that green
He was so hateful mean
A fabulous ideal popped into his head
He could split the bread
No thanks; I wouldn’t be caught dead
That money wasn’t ours to begin with
I earned a good living unlike him
I wouldn’t dare to mess up my life
He threatened me with a knife
He forced me to make another choice

Another Choice
By Kazz Falcon

I convinced him to put the knife down
His stupidity made me to frown
He has never act that way before
His tears fell to the floor
I closed the door
He wanted me to see things from his side
From all his troubles, he wanted to hide
Lately, he thought about suicide
He ought to know - Crime doesn’t pay
“What brought it up?” I asked
The demonic past finally caught up with him
He fought to live a good life
He failed miserable from his wicked past
The good life didn’t last
I felt sorry for him
He remembered the good times as kids
We made a fabulous Bonnie & Clyde
We terrorized the neighborhood for kicks
Now, he has nothing to show
He just wanted to be that kid again
With me at his side
Life was simple back then

Isn't Love Daring?
By Kazz Falcon

Sometimes, we need to question love.
Didn't it really happen?
Or was it a dream?
Some people want to scream
They want to wake up from the nightmare
Into their eyes, they stared
They wondered what happened
Was love worth all the pain in the world?
We can't seem to be there yet.
We traveled so many miles for love
Still, we haven't been able to find the right one
We searched high and low
Till the moment we find love, we are on cloud nine
We don't want to end the sweet loving
Things happens
We drifted apart
Where did we went wrong?
Who was to blame?
Did we act too fast for love?
Loves does takes time
Question love is such a crime
Isn't love daring?

Do You Dare?
By Kazz Falcon

Do you dare to continue reading this daring poem?
Do you dare to come out of the closet?
Do you dare to watch my teary eyes?
Do you dare to listen to my sorrows?
Do you dare to hear my heart breaking for true love?
Do you dare to love me for whom I am?
Do you dare to be there whenever?
Do you dare to face whatever life offers the both of us?
Do you dare to enjoy my company?
Do you dare to sleep with me in the same bed?
Do you dare to share your thoughts and dreams with me?
Do you dare to walk the highest mountain and the lowest valley for me?
Do you dare to overcome our toughest challenges together?
Do you dare to take care of me?
Do you dare to dream of loving me?
Do you dare to meet my family?
Do you dare to go on trips?
Do you dare to take a bullet for me?
Do you dare to remain friends after we broke up?
Do you dare to have only eyes for yours truly?
Do you dare to show me the entire world?
Do you dare to kiss and make up?
Do you dare to leave our dirty laundry at the door?
Do you dare to support me?
Do you dare to wonder about my feelings for you?
Do you dare to know my true feelings from me?
Do you dare to accept my love to you?
Do you dare to get what I want from this poetic art?

The Mouse
By Kazz Falcon

The Mouse
He couldn’t get along with his spouse
Sometimes, she threw him out of the house
He partied too much at the clubhouse
It was a madhouse
Even his bird friends wouldn’t let him to stay in the birdhouse
The only place he could stay was the doghouse
It was no penthouse
He sobered up fast; he didn’t want to go to the jailhouse
He worked it out with the spouse
No more partying for the mouse

The Fire Will
By Kazz Falcon

The house was in a blaze
It left me in a haze
The fire was out of control
It took the spirit out of my soul
I lost my spouse
I couldn’t afford another house
She was my life
She was the best wife
I read her will
She left me a new house on the hill

Deadly Pact
By Kazz Falcon

I made a pact
It was such an impact
I saw his wicked charm
There were marks on the arm
He was a champ
I was a tramp
I collapsed
From the drugs, I relapsed

By Kazz Falcon

There I stood
It was my dream since my childhood
I looked around the hood
It was fabulous good
I moved to Hollywood

The Frog
By Kazz Falcon

The frog
He stood up in the fog
He chased a dog
He defended his homey log

By Kazz Falcon

She had a little prayer
She don’t want the nightmare
She was forever on welfare
In awe, she became a millionaire
Her life was spare

By Kazz Falcon

She wanted to chat
I declined; she was fat
She picked up a bat
Oh no, I would be flat
She killed a rat
She saved me; we chatted

Love From A Friend
By Kazz Falcon

There was a phone call
I rushed to the mall
I pushed myself to the front
I heard a grunt
I was so sure
I need to be cure
A lonely heart I had
I was sad
I had enough
Being sad was rough
I want it to end
“I love you” came from a friend
I rushed home from the mall
I was happy I made the phone call

Arching For Yesterday
By Kazz Falcon

I missed yesterday
All day long, we kissed
So long, yesterday
Another day was today
I can’t wait for the kisses
I was such in bliss
Without her, I would be in a hiss
But there is always tomorrow
I could wait a little while longer
I must be patience
Her lips aren’t going anywhere
I would wait somewhere

Fullfilled Dance
By Kazz Falcon

I can’t believe it
Dancing is my favorite
Another day came upon me
I heard the harmony
I have another chance
I would enjoy the day with a dance
I danced the day away
It couldn’t be any other way

I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.